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Pellet Pipe Plus

Model PVP Pellet Pipe Plus has raised the bar for design with a better-performing vent for today's modern pellet stoves and inserts.


  • Double-wall, air-insulated design that is unsurpassed in the hearth products industry.
  •  The inner liner is constructed of premium grade stainless steel, which provides a superior corrosion resistance.
  •  The galvalume outer casing is superior to galvanized steel common to other pellet vents, and readily accepts field-applied paint.
  • The 1/2" airspace between the inner and outer walls provides better insulating qualities than 1/4" airspace designs for outer-wall temperatures and improved draft effect.
  • All parts are sealed with a factory-installed ceramic fiber gasket at the female end to prevent fly ash leakage.
  • Warnock Hersey-listed to UL/ULC for installation without field application of sealant at pipe joints. However, installation practices may vary, and sealant at joints is acceptable


Model PVP Pellet Pipe Plus is Warnock Hersey-listed to UL 641, ULC S609 and UL/ORD C441 for installation in the USA and Canada. Available in 3" and 4" inner diameters, Model PVP Pellet Pipe Plus is designed for use with all pellet stoves and inserts and low-temperature venting systems up to 570 degrees.Warnock Hersey

Typical Installations

One Story Vertical InstallationTwo-Story Vertical InstallationThrough-the-Wall Horizontal InstallationThrough-the-Wall Vertical Installation