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How to Specify

Using tables from the National Fuel Gas Code or our Sizing & Application Guide, determine the diameter of venting required. The Sizing & Application Guide also offers tips on good design including multi-appliance system sizing and design. The System Design and Installation Guide is an additional resource.

Amerivent FAQs


The AmeriVent cap is the first engineered vent cap to gain recognition across the country for its performance. Millions of them are now installed on homes and business structures to protect against wind conditions that can cause waste gases to spill back into the structure through the appliance draft hood. The AmeriVent cap is UL-listed, and its patented design of ports and baffles keep rain and debris out of the vent. In addition, AmeriVent caps permit termination of vents at the minimum height necessary above the roof surface.

The AmeriVent Cap is used as a ventilation cap as well as a Type B gas vent termination.

Available sizes (inches)

3CW3"6 3/4"2 7/8"
3ECW3"6 3/4"2 7/8"
4CW4"6 3/4"4 3/8"
4ECS4"6 3/4"4 3/8"
5CW5"9 7/8"4 5/16"
5ECW5"9 7/8"4 5/16"
6CW6"9 7/8"5 3/4"
6ECW6"9 7/8"5 3/4"
7CW7"12 7/8"6 3/8"
7RCW7"12 7/8"6 3/8"
8CW8"12 7/8"7"
8RCW8"12 7/8"7"
9RC 9C9"15 3/4"7 1/2"
10RC 10C10"15 3/4"7 1/2"
12RC 12C12"19"9"
14RC 14C14"22"11"
16RC 16C16"25"12"
18RC 18C18"28 1/4"13 1/2"
20RC 20C20"31 1/2"15"
22RC 22C22"34 1/2"16 1/2"
24RC 24C24"37 3/4"18"
26RC 26C*26"42"19 1/2"
28RC 28C*28"44"21"
30RC 30C*30"48"22 1/2"

*Call for availability.