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D — Pipe Section

How to Specify

Direct vent systems shall be listed with AmeriVent Direct Vent or equal. Systems shall be installed in accordance with terms ofthe vent listing and the appliancemanufacturer’s instructions.

D — Pipe Section


AmeriVent Direct Vent Pipe features rugged, co-axial tube construction with a stainless steel inner wall and a galvanized steel outer wall, separated by two spacers. Twist-lock joints offer fast installations. Factory-installed inner gasket ensures a leak-free joint. Also available in a painted black finish. To order painted black finish, add B to product Part No. (ex. 4D7B).AV_pg3 AV D Pipe Section prod dim

Available sizes (inches)

4D77"4" x 6 5/8"4"6 5/8"
4D1212"4" x 6 5/8"4"6 5/8"
4D224"4" x 6 5/8"4"6 5/8"
4D336"4" x 6 5/8"4"6 5/8"
4D448"4" x 6 5/8"4"6 5/8"
5D77"5" x 8"5"8"
5D1212"5" x 8"5"8"
5D224"5" x 8"5"8"
5D336"5" x 8"5"8"
5D448"5" x 8"5"8"