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F/FFU/PL-AFX/PL-AFXFU — Round Flashing

How to Specify

Using tables from the National Fuel Gas Code or our Sizing & Application Guide, determine the diameter of venting required. The Sizing & Application Guide also offers tips on good design including multi-appliance system sizing and design. The System Design and Installation Guide is an additional resource.

F/FFU/PL-AFX/PL-AFXFU — Round Flashing


AV_pg5 AV F-FU Round Flashing prod dimThe round flashing is available in galvanized and aluminum models flat to 6/12 pitch (Standard), as well as for steeper pitches of 7/12 to 12/12, 13/12 to 18/12, and 19/12 to 24/12.

Available sizes (inches)

Part No. GalvanizedPart No. AluminumSizePitch(A) Skirt
6F6PL-AF6"Std. Flat to 6/124"
6FFU6PL-AFFU6"Flat to 6/126"
6FFU126PL-AFFU126"7/12 to 12/126"
6FFU186PL-AFFU186"13/12 - 18/126"
6FFU246PL-AFFU246"19/12 - 24/126"
8F8PL-AF8"Std. Flat to 6/124"
8FFU8PL-AFFU8"Flat to 6/126"
8FFU128PL-AFFU128"7/12 to 12/126"
8FFU188PL-AFFU188"13/12 - 18/126"
8FFU248PL-AFFU248"19/12 - 24/126"