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PSV-CA — Chimney Adapter

PSV-CA — Chimney Adapter


Use for connection to an existing metal chimney. Supports vent and closes off bottom of chimney inner wall. Powder-coat black finish.AV_PSV-CA-BK_PV Chimney Adapter drawing

Available sizes (inches)

Part No.SizeAB
3PSV-CA6-BK3"6"3 1/2"
3PSV-CA7-BK3"7"3 1/2"
3PSV-CA8-BK3"8"3 1/2"
4PSV-CA6-BK4"6"4 1/2"
4PSV-CA7-BK4"7"4 1/2"
4PSV-CA8-BK4"8"4 1/2"