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Typical Installations 



 Amerivent Pro-Line Chimney Systems Installation Installation Clearances as Approved by ULInstallation Clearances as Approved by UL

UL103 HT 2100°F UL 103 HT 2100°F Installation Instructions

Models 6 and 8 HS feature a ceramic fiber refractory blanket to withstand intermittent temperatures up to 2100°F, as called for in UL103 HT Standard.

UL103 1700°F      

Model 10FB is a triple-wall, air-insulated chimney designed to withstand intermittent  UL 103 1700°F Installationtemperatures up to 1700°F, as called for in UL103 Standard.



Small ODS InstallationCOMPACT ODs

The compact ODs let you install this com-pact prefabricated chimney in less space.  The outside diameters are only 3" larger than inside diameters


Lightweight Installation LIGHTWEIGHT

Lightweight chimney makes for fast, easy one-man installations.  A minimum 2" airspace clearance to combustibles is required.


Snap-Lock Design Installation SNAP-LOCK DESIGN

The proven snap-lock coupling system goes together fast—and keeps this chimney rigid and trouble-free. No cement, screws or straps are needed. The system is easy to connect in tight spots.

AmeriVent All-Fuel Chimneys are manufactured by American Metal Products, a pioneer in the development and simplification of effective venting products since 1951. AmeriVent is the preferred, most efficient, economical, and easily installed all-fuel chimney system in the industry. 

Model HS Chimney Description 

This chimney is listed (UL 103TYPE HT) for venting flue gases not exceeding 1000°F under continuous operating conditions. In addition, UL has conducted additional tests at 1400F for
one hour and 2100°F for 10 minutes to verify compliance with UL test standards. The Model HS incorporates a design woven ceramic fiber refractory blanket. Surrounded by two inner walls, this asbestos-free blanket has excellent high temperature stability, so it stays in place. It is noncombustible, thin, and lightweight. As a result, the Model HS chimney pipe features the same small outer dimensions and is compatible with our Model FB. It is light enough to be easily installed by one person.

The Model HS blanket exhibits superior resistance to high temperature deterioration. Its insulation has proven so effective that it is used as a fire retardant in aircraft, railroad tank cars, chemical facilities, and commercial buildings.

Model HS is built to last with a system combining corrosion resistant stainless steel and sturdy galvanized steel. All this adds up to extra protection for your customers through Amervent’s advanced chimney temperature engineering.

Model 10FB Chimney Description 

This chimney is listed (UL 103) for venting flue gases not exceeding 1000°F under continuous operating conditions. UL has also conducted tests at 1400°F for one hour and 1700°F
for 10 minutes to verify compliance with UL test standards. Model 10FB is engineered for venting all gas or liquid-fueled appliances and non-airtight solid-fueled fireplace stoves.

Pro-Line Chimney Components Description 

This unique collection of chimney components offers distributors an opportunity to respond to the strong consumer interest in interior design styling. In addition to the standard Model HS chimney components, Amerivent offers a choice of Pro- Line features, including a square support, a durable black finish, an adjustable roof support, a wide-open design cap, and other components.

Lifetime Warranty 

For complete details on the Lifetime Warranty, contact your Customer Service Representative.

Specifications and Dimensions 


The AmeriVent chimney is suitable for use on the following types of appliances.

Residential-type Appliances 

Ranges, warm air furnaces, water heaters, hot water heating boilers, 15 psig or less steam boilers, floor furnaces, room heaters and fireplace stoves

Building Heating Appliances

Nonresidential type building heating appliances, steam boilers operating at not over 1000°F flue gas temperature.

Chimney may also be used where Type B gas vents are permitted.

Available Sizes

(I.D.) 6", 8", and 10"


Chimneys, Residential Type and Building Heating Appliance, also known as Type A Chimney and Factory-Built Chimney.

Approved, Accepted, or Listed by



Model HS/HSS 

Inner Wall: .015" 430 Stainless Steel
Insulation: ." Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Intermediate Wall: .012" 430 Stainless Steel
Outer Wall: .018" Galvanized Steel (HS)
.015" 430 Stainless Steel (HSS)

Model 10FB

Inner Wall: .012" 430 Stainless Steel
Intermediate Wall: .018" Aluminized Steel
Outer Wall: .018" Galvanized Steel.

TEMPERATURE LIMITS 1000° F for continued operation. Also tested at 1400° F for periods of up to one hour and Model HS 2100° F for up to 10 minutes. Model 10FB, 1700° F. for up to 10 minutes. (These are standard industry wide limits.)

WEIGHTS PER FOOT 6" = 4 lbs., 8" = 5 lbs., 10" = 5. lbs.

MAXIMUM HEIGHT 90 Ft. when using Ceiling Supports or Roof Supports. 30 Ft. when using Wall Supports and ARSA Adjustable Roof Support Assembly.

CLEARANCES FROM CHIMNEY PIPE TO COMBUSTIBLES Chimney sections (pipe) must be installed with at least a 2-inch airspace clearance to combustible  (including roof construction), except that clearance in the support area is established by installation of the supports.