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  2. Equivalent Duct Calculator
  3. Flexible Duct Friction Loss Calculator
  4. Sheet Metal Duct Friction Loss Calculator
  5. GRD Selector - Cross Reference
  6. GRD Selector - Airflow Performance
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Thank you for checking out our Tools & Training page. On this page you'll find a variety of different tools and calculators that will assist with your Hart & Cooley products. 

Click the tabs for more information on the areas you need assistance with. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer support if you have any issues or need additional support. Lastly, our training information and videos are located in the last tab.

Equivalent Duct Calculator

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Friction Loss Calculator: Flexible Duct

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Friction Loss Calculator: Sheet Metal Duct

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GRD Cross Reference

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GRD Selector — Airflow Performance

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Registers Grilles Model #


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