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Pellet Vent

Product Description

AmeriVent Pellet Vent permits installation through the wall, through the ceiling, or into an existing metal chimney.  Proven snap-lock coupling system and double-wall construction of stainless steel inside and aluminum-zinc coated steel outside assures safe, rigid installations.  For relining masonry chimneys, a6-foot flexible length is available.

All AmeriVent Pellet Vent pipe sections and key components feature a gasket to control fly ash leakage.  For a smooth pipe appearance, a unique seal sleeve is available to hide the pipe joints.  Selected components are also available in a powder-coat black finish.

AmeriVent Pellet Vent has a lifetime warranty. This system is proudly presented by American Metal Products, a leader in the venting industry for more than fifty years.  This experience is one more reason why we can point with pride to a reputation for unsurpassed product excellence and dependability.

UL Listing (mark)

Specifications and Dimensions

Available Pipe Sizes and Lengths

Diameters: 3" and 4"
Lengths:6", 12", 18", 24", 3', and 5'


For listed pellet-fueled appliances with continuous flue gas temperatures not exceeding 570° F.  May also be used with gas and oil appliances listed for use with Type L Vent systems and where Type B gas vents are permitted.


Outer Wall:.018" aluminum-zinc (galvalume)coated steel
Inner Wall:.012 Type 430 stainless steel
Gasket:Braided fiberglass

Clearances to Combustibles

When used as a :EnclosureClearance
Chimney or Vent ConnectorUnenclosed3" clearance
VentEnclosed3" airspace clearance
Masonry Chimney LinerEnclosed in masonryZero clearance between vent and masonry and zero clearance between masonry and combustibles

Typical Installations

One Story Vertical InstallationTwo-Story Vertical InstallationThrough-the-Wall Horizontal InstallationThrough-the-Wall Vertical Installation