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ALK — Kits

ALK — Kits

  • Kits include flexible length, round top, flashing, mortar guard.
  • Standard kit lengths of 25' and 35'.
  • Available in 3", 4", 5", 6", 7" and 8" diameters in both kits and 10' extensions.
  • 10' insulated sleeve has tough polyethylene exterior.
  • Extension kit includes Flexi-Liner tube with attached connector and fastener package.
  • Pull-downs stretch and lead the Flexi-Liner down the chimney and assist in pulling insulated sleeve over liner.


Liner Material

Aluminum 3003, 2-ply (0.005" each)

Maximum Flue Gas Temperature


Available Size Range

3" to 8" diameter

Standard Kit Lengths

25' and 35'

Stretch Ratio

5:1 (approximate)


0" between liner and chimney interior 0" between combustible materials and chimney exterior


Lifetime warranty

Available sizes (inches)

Kit TypeModelDescription
3"3ALK153" x 15' Kit Aluminum
3"3ALK253" x 25' Kit Aluminum
3"3ALK353" x 35' Kit Aluminum
4"4ALK154" x 15' Kit Aluminum
4"4ALK254" x 25' Kit Aluminum
4"4ALK354" x 35' Kit Aluminum
5"5ALK155" x 15' Kit Aluminum
5"5ALK255" x 25' Kit Aluminum
5"5ALK355" x 35' Kit Aluminum
5.5"55ALK255.5" x 25' Kit Aluminum
5.5"55ALK355.5" x 35' Kit Aluminum
6"6ALK256" x 25' Kit Aluminum
6"6ALK356" x 35' Kit Aluminum
7"7ALK257" x 25' Kit Aluminum
7"7ALK357" x 35' Kit Aluminum
8"8ALK258" x 25' Kit Aluminum
8"8ALK358" x 35' Kit Aluminum
10' Insulated Sleeve4ALK-FSFlexi-Sleeve 3" - 4"
10' Insulated Sleeve5ALK-FSFlexi-Sleeve 5"
10' Insulated Sleeve6ALK-FSFlexi-Sleeve 5.5" - 6"
10' Insulated Sleeve7ALK-FSFlexi-Sleeve 7"
10' Insulated Sleeve8ALK-FSFlexi-Sleeve 8"
Extension Kit3ALKE103" x 10' Ext Kit
Extension Kit4ALKE104" x 10' Ext Kit
Extension Kit5ALKE105" x 10' Ext Kit
Extension Kit55ALKE105.5" x 10' Ext Kit
Extension Kit6ALKE106" x 10' Ext Kit
Extension Kit7ALKE107" x 10' Ext Kit
Extension Kit8ALKE108" x 10' Ext Kit
Flex Connector3ALK-FC3" Flex Connector
Flex Connector4ALK-FC4" Flex Connector
Flex Connector5ALK-FC5" Flex Connector
Flex Connector55ALK-FC5.5" Flex Connector
Flex Connector6ALK-FC6" Flex Connector
Flex Connector7ALK-FC7" Flex Connector
Flex Connector8ALK-FC8" Flex Connector
Pull-Down3FX-PD3" Pull-Down
Pull-Down4FX-PD4" Pull-Down
Pull-Down5FX-PD5" Pull-Down
Pull-Down55FX-PD5.5" Pull-Down
Pull-Down6FX-PD6" Pull-Down
Pull-Down7FX-PD7" Pull-Down
Pull-Down8FX-PD8" Pull-Down
Universal B-Vent Adapter3ALK-VA3" Univ. B-Vent Adapter
Universal B-Vent Adapter4ALK-VA4" Univ. B-Vent Adapter
Universal B-Vent Adapter5ALK-VA5" Univ. B-Vent Adapter
Universal B-Vent Adapter6ALK-VA6" Univ. B-Vent Adapter
Universal B-Vent Adapter7ALK-VA7" Univ. B-Vent Adapter
Universal B-Vent Adapter8ALK-VA8" Univ. B-Vent Adapter