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DRCKM — Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit

How to Specify

Direct vent systems shall be listed with AmeriVent Direct Vent or equal. Systems shall be installed in accordance with terms ofthe vent listing and the appliancemanufacturer’s instructions.

DRCKM — Masonry Chimney Conversion Kit


The Masonry Chimney Kit is used when converting an existing masonry chimney to a direct vent appliance. Includes a black Conversion Adapter (4DCNA), an unpainted small Cap Adapter (4DCAB), a black Face Plate (4DFPB), and a square flashing. Uses a UL-listed 4" flex vent pipe and a 7" flex vent pipe (sold separately).AV_pg12 AV DCNA Chimney Conversion Kit prod dim

4DRCKMMasonry Chimney Conversion Kit
4DCNAConversion Adapter
4DCABCap Adapter - Small
4DFPBFace Plate
117413Flashing 17" x 17"