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Homestyle Caps

How to Specify

Direct vent systems shall be listed with AmeriVent Direct Vent or equal. Systems shall be installed in accordance with terms ofthe vent listing and the appliancemanufacturer’s instructions.

Homestyle Caps


  • Available in aluminum, black powder-coated aluminum, and solid copper.
  • Homestyle™brand offers lower profile, greater symmetry and clean, crisp lines.
  • Patented, award-winning design. U.S. Patent No. D503,471 Interior baffles offer superior wind (and animal) projection.  
  • High wind tested.
  • Eliminates safety concerns and the cost of decorative shrouds.
  • Three collinear bottom styles to accommodate most home installations.
  • Universal direct vent connections fit most brands, and the one-piece design means lower overall installed costs.
  • Decorative caps with universal bases have wide flanges to provide versatility in installations.
  • Caps used on direct vent collinear systems replace two parts—the existing cap and a transition part that combines to side-by-side flexible vents into a single co-axial vent.
  • Caps with fitted bases are ready to install on existing clay flue tiles.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. Tested and listed with many major appliances.