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PL-R2FP/PL-R12FP-BK — Round Adjustable Face Plate

How to Specify

Using tables from the National Fuel Gas Code or our Sizing & Application Guide, determine the diameter of venting required. The Sizing & Application Guide also offers tips on good design including multi-appliance system sizing and design. The System Design and Installation Guide is an additional resource.

PL-R2FP/PL-R12FP-BK — Round Adjustable Face Plate

Available in a black finish, the Round Adjustable Face Plate is a decorative two-piece trim for Adjustable Roof Support Assembly, and fits 0/12 to 24/12 pitch applications.AV_pg11 AV PL-RFP Round Adj Face Plate prod dim

Available sizes (inches)

Part No.SizeABCeiling Pitch
6PL-R2FP-BK6"9 1/4"18 1/4"Flat to 2/12
6PL-R12FP-BK6"9 1/4"18 1/4"11/12 to 24/12*
8PL-R2FP-BK8"11 1/4"18 1/4"Flat to 2/12
8PL-R12FP-BK8"11 1/4"18 1/4"11/12 to 24/12*

*Must be trimmed for ceilings steeper than 12/12