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TLCCSR — Ceiling Supports

How to Specify

Using tables from the National Fuel Gas Code or our Sizing & Application Guide, determine the diameter of venting required. The Sizing & Application Guide also offers tips on good design including multi-appliance system sizing and design. The System Design and Installation Guide is an additional resource.

TLCCSR — Ceiling Supports


  • For use in ceiling support installations.
  • Supports a total of 50feet of chimney above.
  • Chimney pipe cannot pass below support.
  • Matte black finish with brass finishing ring, support gives a premium finished appearance.
  • Also acts as a firestop.
  • Must always use stovepipe adapter. 

5” to 8” sizes (painted black) 10" size (unpainted)

HC_TLCCSR_Ceiling Support 10-inch

Available sizes (inches)

5TLCCSR5"16 7/811 3/86 3/4
6TLCCSR6"17 7/812 3/87 3/4
7TLCCSR7"18 7/813 3/88 3/4
8TLCCSR8"19 5/814 3/89 3/4
10TLCCSR10"18 1/216 1/410 1/4